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Evolve Psychological and Assessment is a specialised service with a primary focus on neurodevelopmental disorders.


Neurodevelopmental disorders are problems that affect the development of an individuals brain, and are present from childhood.  Specific neurodevelopmental disorders focused on at Evolve include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and Relational-based Developmental Disorders (attachment-disorders). 


While neurodevelopmental disorders are brain-based, the impacts are often wide reaching for the individual their family and community of supports.  The effects can be social, emotional, psychological, educational and cognitive.  At Evolve, assessment and intervention services target these core impacts using the latest scientific understanding of brain-functioning (neuroscience) as the basis of what we do, and how we do it. 


Evolve is committed to drawing from and contributing to the clinical research and practice for assessment and intervention.  We want the best possible outcomes for people we service, and for our communities more broadly.  If you are a professional wanting to share practise knowledge, skills and expertise or a group / agency seeking partnership with us, please email

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Our warm, inviting and flexible space can be hired for meetings, small groups, training sessions and day-rentals. Please contact clinic director Virginia Williams to discuss.

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Our Vision and Values

Vision Statement

Nature and early experience brings people to the world with a unique set of strengths, attributes and capabilities.  Sometimes these are hard to unlock or difficult to discover within the contexts we find ourselves.

It is our job to partner with people to identify and unlock strengths and untapped resources, helping people evolve toward their hopes, dreams and ideals. 

  Our Values

Evolve has been founded on the core value of integrity. We are committed to providing the highest quality, evidence-informed assessment and targeted interventions that promote optimal functioning in the lives of individuals, families and groups of people who participate in our services.  At all times, we will seek to embody commitment to you and your family, and respect you as a person with unique needs, strengths, identities and dreams.  We value authenticity, aiming always to assist you in the way we’ve agreed and in line with what we stand for as professionals, in a manner that fosters transparency, openness and connection within and between people. 


Meet The Team


Dr Virginia Williams

Clinical Psychologist, Director

Virginia is a clinical psychologist with considerable experience working in general and specialised mental health contexts supporting clients across all ages ranges and from all walks of life. After successfully founding and growing the Illawarra’s largest general psychological service for children and families (2012-2017), she now embarks on a new endeavour to further local resources in the specialised area of neurodevelopmental disorders. This, and other aspects of Virginia’s practise (including professional supervision, training and organisational development), are underpinned firmly by her commitment to developing mastery, autonomy and connectedness in all people. Her recently completed PhD (investigating values-based behaviour change in mental health organisations) was awarded an Emerald Publishing literati award in 2017 and reflects her commitment to the concepts of autonomy, choice and embodiment of values.

At Evolve Psychology, Virginia will be focussing on Assessment (Autism, ADHD, cognitive etc) and Professional Development. Virginia is available Mondayto Fridayfor midday appointments. To book an appointment for an assessment, please call Evolve Psychological Services.


Olga Turitsyna

Registered Psychologist



Olga is a registered psychologist who has completed her internship with Virginia at Evolve. Since joining the team in early 2019, Olga has been working with individuals, families and running and supporting group therapies (e.g., parenting training, social skills and understanding, ADHD group). Olga brings with her a wealth of experience working in the area of early intervention mental health, disability support, group programming and kids yoga.  She is passionate about empowerment of young people and works from a strengths-perspective to help individuals and families unlock their true potential.


Karen Neumann




Karen brings warmth, compassion and good humour as she walks alongside her clients on their life journeys. She believes each client is the expert on themselves, and she welcomes the opportunity to help them regain their confidence in leading their best lives.

Karen is a parent of two young adults. She has experienced first-hand the joys and challenges of raising children and is aware of the importance of healthy family relationships.

She is available to assist individuals and families who are struggling with a range of life issues such as anxiety, adjusting to change, stress management, grief and loss, and relationship difficulties.

Karen takes a holistic approach to working with people, using evidence-based psychological approaches that enable her clients to become more resourceful, confident and resilient.


Chantelle Steele

Client Engagement & Support Officer 

Chantelle is our Client Engagement & Support Officer, she holds a Bachelor of Psychological Science at the University of Wollongong and is currently continuing study at MONASH university in hopes to pursue clinical psychology.


Her goal is to provide a welcoming and comforting first point of contact within our clinic. Chantelle provides quality service and customer care to all, to form a collaborative, supportive and nurturing environment. 

Partners & Associates

The Evolve Clinic is a hub that brings together clinicians from varied backgrounds. Our partners and associates can be found here:

Alysha-leigh Fameli

Rachel Bridge

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